Clinical Meeting-2012

1 December

For the first time we are having Prize paper competition for Post graduates from all the teaching institutes for Mch and DNB in Bangalore

  • Early endoscopic realignment for posterior urethral injury. Dr.Prathvishetty, M.S.Ramiah Medical College

  • Urological surgery in patients with Bleeding disorders Hemophilia and von willebrand disease –our experience.Dr.Arjun Sivaraman, St.Johns Medical College”Primitive neuroectodermal tumor of the kidney with IVC and atrial tumor thrombus.A rare case report with review of literature”. Dr. Sharma Satyam Institute of Nephrourology, Bangalore.

  • Laparoendoscopic single-site surgery in Donor Nephrectomy (LESS DN) and comparison with multiport laparoscopic donor nephrectomy (LDN). Dr Sudhir Chawla, Urology Manipal Hospital.

  • A prospective comparative analysis of Lingual versus Buccal mucosa graft urethroplasty for anterior urethral stricture. Dr.Aditya KS, Institute of Nephrourology.

  • Splitting the papilla during PCNL.Does it matter? Dr.Joshi P, NU Hospitals. Bangalore

Time : 7.30 PM
Date: 21-21-2012

2 November
  • Current trends in Management in Interstitial Cystitis – Dr.Rajesh Taneja, New Delhi


Date: 30th November, 2012
Time: 7:30 Pm onwards
Sponsors: Ranbaxy Urology Specialty

3 October
  • Journal Club : CA prostate over diagnosis and over treatment : Dr. Amin, Sagar Hospitals

  • Post Parathyroidectomy Normocalcemia with Hyperparathyroidism : Dr. Santosh Subudhi N.U trust

  • Bilateral renal cell carcinoma in post renal transplant, Dr. Pramod B.R, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore

  • Update on T S Jairam CUE and LIVE operating workshop , Dr. R.P Srinivas, Manipal Hospitals

  • Guest Lecture:

  • Tips and tricks in HOLEP

  • Application of Holmium Lasers in Urological Soft tissues , Dr. Rakesh Taneja, New DelhiDate: 26-10-2012Time: 7:30 PM onwardsVenue: Hotel AtriaSponsors: Lumineus India

4 September : T S Jairam CUE
5 August
  • Journal Club: Dr. Nagesh , Sagar Hospitals

  • Bigger the better: Dr. Manohar.T, Columbia Asia Hospitals

  • Is Posterior calyx synonymous with medical calyx- Dr. Maneesh Sinha, Consultant Urologist , NU Trust

  • Interesting case presentation : Dr Raghunath , Consultant, Uro Oncologist, HCGNovel therapy for Sexual desire disorder, Dr. Ramesh, MSR Medical College

Date: 31-08-2012
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: Hotel Golden Landmark
Sponsors: Zydus

6 July
  • Renal Calculi and renal tumor: Dr. MG Desai

  • Journal Club: Dr. Nagesh, Sagar Hospitals

  • Interesting case of CA Bladder: Dr. Manohar T

  • Post Pyeloplasty urinary leak: Dr. Nagesh, Sagar Hospitals

  • Double Jeopardy: Uncommon complications of two urological procedures: Dr. Prathvi, MSRMDate: 27-07-2012Time: 7:30 PM onwardsVenue : Hotel Golden LandmarkSponsorss: CIPLA

7 June
  • Interesting case presentation Dr. Kailash, MSRMC

  • Journal club: Dr. Nagesh, Sagar Hospital

  • Case presentation: Dr. Raghunath S. K., HCG.

  • Post pyeloplasty urinary leak: Dr. Nagesh, Sagar Hospital

  • Guest lecture Dr. Rajiv Sood, New Delhi

Date: 29/06/2012
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Hotel Atria
Sponsors: Sanofi Aventis

8 May
  • Clean intermittent catherization;our experience of training difficulties encountered during initiation and compliance of follow up: Dr. Praveen Joshi

  • Pseudo Adrenal cyst: 3 Interesting cases management and review of literatureDr. Pramod B.R

  • MRI guided correction of Fractured penis: Dr. Nandakishore

  • Trouble shooting in basic Laparoscopy: Dr. R. S Baht

  • Trouble Shooting in Advance Urological Laparoscopy:Dr. T. Manohar

Date: 25-05-2012
Tiem: 7:30 PM
Venue: Hotel Golden Landmark
Sponsors:Indovasive (Bio-Rad)

9 April

Scientific Agenda

  • Laparoscopic Nephron Sparing Surgery: Dr. Prashanth Kulkarni, Consultant urologist -NH

  • Current Guidelines in TRUS and Biopsy: Dr. Satyam Sharma Inst. of Nephro Urology

  • Role of MR in Evaluation of Prostate Disease: Dr. Govindarajan M.J, Consultant Radiologist, HCG

  • Role of CHOLINE in PET CT in Prostate Disease : Dr KG kallur

  • What we want ? and how do we get ? in Prosate imaging Dr Raghunath S.K Consultant Urologist, HCG

Date: Friday 27th, April 2012
Time: 7:30 PM onwards followed by Fellowship Dinner
Venue: Hotel Chancery Pavillion, Residency Road, Opp. The Bangalore Club
Tel: 080-41414141
Sponsor: Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd-HCG

10 March
  • Dual Tumors in Horseshoe Kidney: Dr. MG Desai (BR Ambedkar Medical College)

  • TUERP old wine in new bottle: A pilot study: Dr. Manjunath (Sagar Hospitals)

  • Unusual case of Prostate Malignancy: Dr. Basavraj (St. Johns Medical College)

  • Common Beliefs in Urology. What’s the evidence: Dr. Girish Nelvigi (Institute of Nephro Urology)Guest Lecture: Dr.Yuvaraj (Mumbai)Date: 30-03-2012Venue: Hotel AtriaTime: 7:30 PM onwardsSponsors: Astra Zeneca

11 February
  • Evaluation of lower urinary tracts in renal transplant recipients – Dr. Praveen Joshi

  • A case of complication following renal transplantation – Dr. Rohan

  • Newer immunosuppression regimens – Dr. Anita

  • Laparoscopic renal transplantation – Dr. Pranjal Modi

  • Medico Legal aspects of renal transplantation- Dr. Dilip Dhanpal

Venue: Golden Landmark (Anand Rao Circle)
Date: 24th February, 2012
Time: 7:30 Pm onwards

12 January
  • MINI Radiolgy quiz especially for Post graduate and Intellectual members

  • Adrenal Myelolioma: Dr. M.G. Desai (Ambedkar Medical College)

  • Does Size matter : Dr. Pramod B.R. (Apollo Hopsitals)

  • Role of Temsirolimus in Metastatic RCC , Dr. Vamshi (Pfizer)

  • Hits and Misses of USICON 2012

St. Marks Hotel, St Marks Road, Bangalore
Date: 27-01-2012
Time: 7:30 Pm onwards
Sponsors: Pfizer Oncology